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Collective intelligence - the ability of a group to find solutions to problems more efficient than the best individual solution in this group

This story began in the summer of 1989. A five-year-old boy, watching the friends playing in the yard, dreamed of a beautiful world in which everyone knows that everyone around is as kind and good as himself inside ...

With this dream, he grew up until one day he came up with the idea of how to approach her:

"To make it so that all people record their lives and be transparent to each other. Transparency will increase trust, which will entail the cognitive resources of mankind will be released and self-realization will be multiplied. Thereby everyone will be happy, and progress will grow very much"

Now it is the mission of Vitavisor company
To realize this mission invented Vitavisor
The Vitavisor is a wearable computer in the form of glasses with a web camera, small projector for the eyes and neuro person identifier. Its users are united in Vitavision net
Solution to the problem of trust in information in the net
  • Only owner can use the Vitavizor. This is due to the neuro identifier, a device that scans the user's brain every second. If "stranger" try use it - the device will immediately lock.
  • Inside the Vitavisor network no one hides behind the pseudonym, all are registered through own passport.
  • All user actions are recorded. You can always see who visited your page and what was viewed on it.
Always recording a life
The included Vitavisor always records from the first person. What would the user not do at this time: communication, study information in the system or simply keep a record of life. As grow time of use of the Vitavisor the percentage of the recording of life will grow too. When the recording will takes the most life time, it will allow user to do what he could not do before:
  • To return at any time of the past.
  • To prove any moment of the past.
  • To warn injustice.
  • To more correctly understand the speech in communication.
  • To extract more information after communication.
  • To send information directly from the source, and not in your own words and in your interpretation.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their words and deeds.
  • To develop discipline and awareness, it is easier to cope with procrastination and frustration.
  • To analyze life as an object and systematically manage its quality.
    Proceeding from the above, Vitavisor is an opportunity for people to become the only organism, to be present in any place, to be omnipresent, to participate in any world process. Vitavisor is collective mind device.

    Progressive people
    • Discover the whole world through the eyes of other people!
    • Get the support of many people when solving problems in real time!
    • Help others to cope with tasks in real time!
    • Find partners and engage transactions immediately, without red tape of the outside world!
    • Meet real people, not avatars. And trust, because everything is recorded!

    Discover the possibilities of the collective mind with the Vitavisor gadget!
    The opportunity for the head of a remote presence with the seller to see for themselves the sales process and analyze the process of customer service. Also, sellers can sell remotely, showing customers the goods with their own eyes, and immediately accept payment
    For remote consultation by engineers during construction. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate to the future owners of the process of building their dwelling through the eyes of builders. And also arrange a transaction remotely. This is an excellent tool to attract new customers
    This is an opportunity for potential customers to be present in production through the eyes of those whose hands it creates. And even communicate with them. This is a new marketing tool
    Startup Team
    This is an opportunity to become not just a team, but a single organism. At the same time, to be present in all the places where each of the participants is located, to participate together in each process
    In only a couple of decades, Vitavision will not be just a trend, it will become just as elementary as what electricity looks like today
    Vadim Shcherbak, CEO and Founder of Vitavisor
    Become the first user of the Vitavisor
    Leave an apply to participate in the Pre-Pre-ICO, which will open pre-order for the device at a price of $50. The market price of the device is expected to be $500
    Yuriy Perfilov
    Creative Designer
    For 16 years in the design he managed to work as a chief designer, art director and do dozens of courses in web design
    Hardware development
    The founder of the LLC "ANIKON", which has the status of a center for collective use Technopark Skolkovo
    Sergey Fedorov
    Hardware software development
    These skills speak for themselves:: Assembler, x86, TMS, ADSP, x51, AVR, 80C167, 80C196xx, ARM. C++: Visual Studio, Borland C++Builder, GCC (mfc, stl, boost, vxd, wdm, asio),CodeComposer, VisualDSP,DSPBIOS. Pascal Delphi, FORTRAN, rSoftIce, IDA, GDB. FPGA programming, LinIce, Altera, Xilinx, MaxIIPlus, Quartus, Perl, Pyhton
    Dmitry Kiryukhin
    Hardware development
    For a long time he worked in the space industry. Has extensive experience in developing complex electronic devices
    Evgeny Dolenko
    Frontend developer
    Professionally develops native mobile applications to order. He clicks them like nuts. Orders are available for several months in advance
    Artem Lukashevich
    Advertising and marketing
    Is a Jedi in traffic. For 4 years - more than 273 projects have been realized, of which 28, reached a turnover of more than $30k
    Andrey Khodorovsky
    Great experience in developing working models of devices for batch production taking into account manufacturing technology
    Alexander Shaburov
    Electronic engineer, coordinator
    I like to invent and solve all sorts of technical problems. I know how to motivate people and lead them. I like to read the history of the formation and development of various companies
    Vadim Shcherbak
    Invented the Vitavisor 10 years ago. Then there were not many technologies: ID, projector, blockchain .... Now the moment came
    Road map
    Only 10% of the project's tokens will be used to attract investments. The rest will be reserved for other purposes. For the most part for the "airbag", which will allow to adhere to the project Vision
    Closed Pre-Pre-ICO
    Attracted $10k at a price of $0.01 per token
    The funds will be directed to:
    1. Presentation of the idea in a more understandable form: Interactive 3D model of the device on the site -
    Visual interface of Vitavision -
    Illustration of the effect of collective intelligence -
    2. Improve the system of project transparency:
    Organization of the project stream from the first person -
    Improving the quality of daily video reports -
    3. Pre-ICO preparation and implementation
    1Starts in November 10, 2017. Duration - 3 weeks
    Task of Pre-ICO is to raising funds in the amount of $100 000 at a price of $0.1 per token.
    The funds will be spent on:
    - Organization of a Public Lifelogging of the Founder.
    - Development of a prototype product.
    - Organization of the ICO.
    Starts in January 10, 2018. Duration - 3 weeks
    Task of ICO is to raising funds in the amount of $100 000 000 at a price of $1 per token.
    Organization of manufacturing -
    Global localization and marketing -
    Development of Vitavision Infrastructure -
    Award of the Vitavisor Bounty-campaign (url) -
    And other tasks of the mission of Vitavisor company -
    Publications about the Vitavisor
    In 2010, several media outlets wrote about the project (Russian language)
    And still the most important purpose of the Vitavisor is to teach a completely unfamiliar people to trust each other, to see each other and to love each other for a unique inner world

    Let dreams come true!
    May it be so!
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